Minnesota Summer of 2005


The summer of 2005 we departed Stuart Florida the first part of June, headed for Alaska.  Joe got to feeling less than primo just as we arrived in Nashville Tennessee.  Thinking it to be a case of the flu we headed on north the following day.  We made it to Minnesota the following day and Joe's flu continued to get worse. We stopped at a campground run by a small town just east of Alexandria Minnesota. Joe decided to check with the local hospital and get their opinion.  They quickly diagnosed a hernia problem that had pinched off a part of the lower intestine.  This was due to a previous surgery done four years before.

So it was a week in the hospital in Alexandria.  What a great place to get sick if you have to get sick.  We received the best of care both in the hospital and out of it.  Beautiful country and inhabited by some of the finest people we have ever met.  One of the nurses invited us to stay with her for a few days before we headed back to Florida for the required corrective surgery.

Here are some of the photos we took on that trip.