Disney World Trips

For the last year we have been going to WDW and staying at the Fort Wilderness campground with our pickup camper.  It is about a 2 1/2 hours drive north of us and since we have purchased Florida resident seasonal tickets to the parks, it makes for a reasonable cost vacation.  Most of the trips, our daughter Jodi and her boys, our grandsons Zach, aged 6 and Gage, aged 4, have gone with us or met us there.  Just going to WDW with a 4 and 6 year old is much of the enjoyment of the trip, watching and listening to the excitement they discover in the parks and campground.  The last few trips we have rented a golf cart for transportation in the campground.  When just Pat and I go, we tend to use the excellent WDW bus system included with the stay.

We just returned from a 3 day mini vacation to WDW, last weekend, May 15, 2009.  Here are a few of the photos taken. The first half day we went to Hollywood Studios, the second day to the Magic Kingdom and the last day to EPCOT.

Then a few photos of the campground, Fort Wilderness and a few of the Magic Kingdom  Gage had been wanting to get his face painted for awhile so he became a tiger on this trip. The older kids, unknown to me, were also getting painted that day.

September 25, 2009 was the last trip to WDW and a stay at Mickey's Campground, as the grandsons refer to Fort Wilderness.  We did a 4 day weekend, departing Stuart early on Friday morning and returning Monday afternoon.  The first half day was spend at the Magic Kingdom, then on Saturday we spent the day at the Animal Kingdom.  We don't go to the Animal Kingdom on every trip but it is fun every so often.  Then a day at Hollywood Studios and a visit to EPCOT with short visits back to the Magic Kingdom.  By staying at the campground it is a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom and seldom any waiting to get on a boat which run ever 20 minutes.  Makes it easy to rest those that get tired and need a break back at the camper.

Here is a selection of photos of the trip, mainly of the Animal Kingdom since the other parks are already shown here on this web site. I love how the Disney crews can make new construction look as if it were centuries old. WDW seems to be spreading out the new rides, to different parks, to spread out the crowds somewhat.  WDW is a place we never get tired of visiting, especially with the grandsons and their mom.