Cassiar Highway, Hwy 37, fuel stops north bound summer of 2010 (Mile Posts  are approx. locations)

While several sections of the Cassiar Highway are much older, it wasn't until the early 1970s (1972 approx) that the different sections were connected,

which allowed travel between the Kitwanga Junction and the Alaska Hwy.  Most of the highway is located in British Columbia, with a small section located in Yukon.



MP 0 -Kitwanga Junction with Federal Hwy 16 (Hwy 37 continues on south to Kitimat BC)

Stewart is approx 138 miles from Kitwanga Junction. Fueling in Stewart will make it 95 miles on to Bell 2 Lodge.  (next fuel northbound)

MP 98 Meziadin Junction NO Fuel Services Turn off to Stewart/Hyder All Services in Stewart


MP 155 Bell II Lodge 155 miles from Kitwanga


MP - 243 - Tatogga  Lake Resort 88 miles


MP 253 Iskut Village Store 10 miles


MP 304- Dease Lake 51 miles

MP 390 Good Hope Lake 60 fuel sales reported in 2010

MP 450 Junction 37 Services 60 miles Junction with Alaska Highway