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On December 6, 2004, Gage Michael  arrived weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Here are a few photos taken by father John and myself.  Gage will get his picture page as soon as I remember how to set it up.

The 4th weekend in October we celebrated Pat's birthday at Disney World with Selene, John, Jodi and Zachary.



Ak ferry Bellingham.jpg (45095 bytes)Selene Pat and Jodi.jpg (50936 bytes)Pat and Joe Bellingham.jpg (52649 bytes)Grand dog Belle.jpg (43662 bytes)Circle Hot springs.jpg (105317 bytes)Folbot at Tangle Lakes 1986.jpg (44540 bytes)Jodi and Selene at Nenana River 1987.jpg (84558 bytes)Joe in elephant race Nenana 1987.jpg (51720 bytes)Pat's family 1989.jpg (88765 bytes)Tangle Lakes 1986.jpg (86539 bytes)Yearly trip to Tangle Lakes 1986.jpg (91848 bytes)Joe and Jess on Jo-Lene in St Thomas USVI_edited.jpg (86137 bytes)Selene and Joe Divide Colo.jpg (96366 bytes)


Joe's home place in Wynnewood Oklahoma.jpg (114333 bytes)Selene Jodi and Pat in Homosassa Springs Florida.jpg (84100 bytes)Fishing Russian River.jpg (28083 bytes)Box canyon.jpg (52500 bytes)Rich T in Sarasota.jpg (42162 bytes)Farmall.jpg (43173 bytes)Moline Tractor-Wynnewood Okla.jpg (40674 bytes)Restored Ford.jpg (50591 bytes)1st Mennonite Church Colorado Sprgs.jpg (94476 bytes)Calf-A restaurant.jpg (107576 bytes)Cumbres and Toltec NG railroad.jpg (102508 bytes)Cumbres and Toltec NG depot.jpg (70308 bytes)Ferry at Aransas Pass Texas.jpg (66958 bytes)Garden of the Gods Coloraod Sprgs 001.jpg (54135 bytes)Garden of the Gods Coloraod Sprgs.jpg (77238 bytes)Grand Lake Colorado.jpg (62954 bytes)Pat's home place in West Colorado Sprgs.jpg (111573 bytes)Pike's Peak Colorado 001.jpg (108472 bytes)Pike's Peak Colorado 002.jpg (85834 bytes)Pike's Peak.jpg (93766 bytes)Ridgway State Park Colorado 001.jpg (110871 bytes)Ridgway State Park Colorado.jpg (78972 bytes)Toltec and Cumbres NG railroad Colorado.jpg (98633 bytes)Jodi and Selene cutting fire wood.jpg (47219 bytes)Zachary, Selene, Corey.jpg (125216 bytes)Zachary and Jodi.jpg (126111 bytes)

Belle Dog 2007   Rookie Dog 2009


  The first day of school, 2009-2010 arrived and 1st grader Zach and Pre K Gage were ready to go.