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Just a short ways out of Whitehorse is the town of Carcross. In the olden days, the steam boats ran on the lakes in that area and it was on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad as a station. The paddle boat SS Tutshi is shown below in the late 60s/early 70s, before it was destroyed by an arsonist.  Carcross was one of the main rail stations between Whitehorse and Skagway. This was a transfer station to the numerous lake boats that haul people and freight to the mines. There is a small desert just outside of town, strange place for one but it is there. Carcross is a nice couple of hours drive from Whitehorse so we drive down there most trips up the Alaska Highway. Makes for a real nice day trip from Whitehorse and return or head on down the highway to Skagway Alaska. The first 4 photos were taken in the mid to late 60s/early 70s, and the others, in 2004.

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Another fun trip, for one or several days, is to the town of Atlin, BC  I first visited Atlin in 1965 and then Pat and I headed down that way in 2006.  It was her first visit to the town. Atlin, being at the end of the road, so to speak, is very laid back.  It has turned into a bit of a summer home for a number of German nationals that have purchased land and or cabins/houses for vacation homes. There is a hotel, a hardware store, church, provincial liquor store, grocery store, float plane flying service, and a couple of campgrounds. The campgrounds are not fancy but very acceptable. The first photo below is of the old street corner clock and it still stands. A trip to Atlin from Jake's Corner or Whitehorse is a nice half day drive or less. Down one day, overnight and return to Whitehorse the next day works well, IMHO. The town is in the process of restoring an old lake boat, the Taranhe, which traveled Atlin Lake for many years. Most of the lakes in this area were connected by some means in the gold rush days. Some have rivers connecting them and others had a short railroad to haul passengers and freight between the lakes overland a short distance.  There is still some gold mining activity in the area on a small scale.

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Dawson City has always been a favorite stop for us.  At times while living in Alaska, we would make the loop from Fairbanks to Whitehorse to Dawson City and back to Fairbanks. Made for a great couple of week summer vacation.  On the side of the Yukon River, opposite Dawson City , are the remains of some of the grandest steamships to ever run the river. I took the old ship's photos over 35 years ago so they are no longer in as good of shape but still worth viewing.

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While we don't swing up the North Klondike Road on every trip, we do like to visit every so often. Our last visit to Dawson was in 2004, the summer of smoke and haze from all the forest fires in the north country, mainly in Alaska. We stayed at the Gold Rush campground as it is in town and easy walking distance to most of the community. There are several campgrounds in the area, both private and governmental. Dawson has worked with the Canadian government to restore many of the older historic buildings, boats, etc.  Here are some photos of miscellaneous photos around town taken in 2004. The final photo of a green building is the border Customs station. Click on any to enlarge.